Vampling Ellawynn SPECIAL EDITION KIT. Limited to 100 kits

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SPECIAL EDITION SALES OPEN October 31 at 8am EST. There is ONLY 100 Special Edition Kits Available per each Vampling kit. 

Little Ellawynn is #5 of 8 in the baby Vampling series of kits. Ellawynn was sculpted by Valerie Kruger. She is a peacefully sleeping vampling with a soft sweet smile who is 19 inches long. Ellawynn has full arms and legs. 

SPECIAL EDITION Ellawynn will come with:

-5 vinyl pieces,

-a numbered cloth body, 

-a special gift, themed especially for Ellawynn.

-a special edition numbered COA 

Each Vampling will start with a SPECIAL EDITION of 100 kits world wide. These special edition kits will come with a special gift exclusively themed for each vampling. They will have a SPECIAL EDITION numbered Certificate of Authenticity. They will come out several months before the main edition of kits will. The main edition of kits will be limited edition kits of 1500 kits world wide. The main edition kits should be back in late January or early February. The Ellawynn special edition kits ARE IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP!

To UK and Australian customers. Special Edition Kits will be shipped to you from within your own country. 

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