About Us

Enchanted Kreature Kits was created after 7 years of semi-fruitless begging of other well known sculptors to produce fantasy kits for myself and fellow fantasy reborning enthusiasts. I have LOVED all things fantasy for as long as I can remember. After 7 years of reborning and only having a few dozen fantasy reborning kits available during all that time I was artistically depressed. While I love creating human reborn dolls, I really have a special place in my heart for fantasy babies. So during the Summer of 2017 I decided to try to sculpt my own fantasy baby...

It took 8 months to sculpt my first fantasy kit, Draken the Dragon. I look back and see all the imperfections on him now, but at the time I thought he was pretty awesome. I sent Draken to the factory in March of 2018. After 10.5 LONG months Draken finally made it back from the factory in late January 2019. 

During those 10 long, long months, I was able to connect to many well known sculptors and develop working relationships with them. Through these relationships EKK has grown into what it is today, the largest producer for fantasy reborn doll kits in the world. Through high standards I have been able to produce some of the most detailed and truly amazing fantasy sculpts available on the market. And what I don't produce myself I have been blessed to be able to be a dealer for many other fantasy sculpts available on the market, making Enchanted Kreature Kits one of the largest dealers in fantasy kits. 

Enchanted Kreature Kits is constantly striving to find new and exciting fantasy sculpts to bring to life for fantasy reborning enthusiasts. We have a line up of 48 Fantasy kits that have made it through the production process as of 1/2022, with 23+ more sculpts lined up between 2/2022 and 12/2023. We have expanded our fantasy kits and now have a line of Enchanted Kradle Kits, or Human kits coming out starting in spring 2022. We are also working on expanding our product base to include eyes, clothing, accessories, paints, and consumable supplies. 

In an added effort to brand the EKK products as unique and desirable collectors items, we have been working on creating storybooks for many of our EKK kits. These stories give life and history to our EKK Kits. Creating a bond with the collectors who love these kits, and in so doing, creating more clientele for fellow fantasy reborners.  

Thank You for Loving Fantasy Reborn Doll Kits and coming to spend time in our enchanted little corner of the internet.