Tully Blank Vinyl Doll Kit


Tully is one of Enchanted Kreature kits resident Brownies. Tully was sculpted by Lauren Jaimes.

Tully will come with her head, full arms, full legs, and a cloth body.

Tully takes 14 round flat back or 16mm oval round eyes.

Brownies are little enchanted creatures that live under human dwellings, in vast underground tunnels. They come out at night to their human homes to fix broken things and clean. If you leave various ingredients out for them they’ll even bake delicious desserts for you. Never the same thing twice. However, if you make them angry or annoyed they will come out and booby-trap your house instead of cleaning it until you
make amends. Lauren Jaimes caught the essence
of both sides of the Brownies personality with Tully the sweet keeper of the house, and the little mischievous Tolliver who is a little more mischievous.

They love to cruise around on their pet snail Shellden,

Tully and Tolliver Tare 10 -11 inches tall, Sheldon 8 inches at his tallest. Tully and Tolliver fit perfectly in the crook of Shellden’s neck.