Jolly Blank Vinyl Doll Kit

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Jolly is one of EKK's baby Kersmudgeons. Jingle and Jolly are twin Kersmudgeons sculpted by Cindy Musgrove

Jolly is 20 inches of chubby heaven. He has full arms, full front loading legs, and an upper torso of the cutest little chub ever. The details on this little stinker are beyond amazing. Jolly is a little sad and needs a hug.

Jingle and Jolly both take 26mm round flat back eyes. 

Their kits come with 6 vinyl pieces; head, arms, legs, upper torso, cloth body and a storybook/COA that tells you the story of the Kersmudgeons. 

Jingle and Jolly ARE LIMITED EDITION KITS with 2500 kits world wide! When they are gone these expressions will be retired. 

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