Huckleberry the Shar-Pei Pup, In stock and shipping August 5th

$90.00 Regular price $130.00

Please welcome little Huckleberry, sculpted by Jodie Lombardo. This little wrinkly ball of cuteness has been waiting for months for his turn to be released for sale!

This little Pup measures 22 inches from the top of his head to his little foot paws. 

He takes 24 mm round flat back eyes.

He is full of wrinkly detail that you will just adore! 

Huckleberry comes with 5 vinyl pieces; head, full arms, full legs, a cloth body slip and a numbered COA. 

Huckleberry will have a small limited edition of 300 kits world wide, with a small edition of silicone kits coming out at a later date. 

Huckleberry opens for sale with KITS IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP AUGUST 5th.. 

The first small shipments of these kits are in the USA (60 kits), UK (20 kits) and Australia (20 kits). just waiting on the COA's to be back so they can ship out.

More kits will come in in future shipments until their total edition size is met.

The first shipment of kits will come with a special gift, made just for Huckleberry. Future shipments will not include this gift. 

You will receive a blank unpainted vinyl kit. You will need to paint it and put eyes in and assemble it on your own.