Pickles is the sweetest little pup! Adding to her cuteness, she is available in two adorable options, sitting or laying. This sculpt creates darling Chihuahua, Yorkie, or anything your imagination can dream up!

This is a listing for Pickles sitting. If you are looking for Pickles laying, please click HERE

Sculpted by the talented and amazing Cindy Musgrove, as a loving pet for Tobby, the Manor Elf (available HERE).

Fully stretched out, Pickles measures 6 inches tall when sitting, and 8 inches when laying.

Pickles requires 18 mm eyes.

There will be a maximum of 777 special edition kits, for each sitting and laying position. The total number to be determined after preorders close.  The Special Edition kits will be followed by an open edition later on. 

This kit is expected to be in stock, ready to deliver, in early March 2022. Special Edition kits, purchased from the Enchanted Kreature Kit website will receive a special collar and blanket gift with each Pickle kit ordered. The Special Edition gifts are not available through outside dealers.