Colliope Blank Vinyl Doll Kit


Colliope was sculpted by the talented Cindy Musgrove as the second in the Enchanted Kreature Kit Sea babies series of fantasy kits. 

Every little Princess needs a good friend. Colliope is the little friend of Princess Atlantyss, the baby Seahorse. 

Colliope is a baby Squidling from deep in the Enchanted Sea. 

Colliope comes with 5 blank vinyl pieces; a head, arms, a tail, and torso, with a cloth body to go with. She measures 10.5 inches long from head to tail.

Colliope is copyright protected ©2019 by Enchanted Kreature Kits.  It is illegal to reproduce this or any doll kit without express written permission. Violators will be prosecuted.