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Introducing Sweet little Cedric our newest little Elfling sculpt. This little guy was brought to life by three different sculptors.

His head was started by the late Kimberly Gardino before she lost her life from Cancer. Kimberly sculpted the top pf his head and eyes but the lower half of his face was missing. I saw the sweet soulful serenity in his eyes and wanted to pull him the rest of the way from the clay. With permission from her husband I gave Cedric his nose, ears, and the lower half of his face, cheeks, lips, chin, neck etc. 

His limbs are shared with him from our Limerence sculpt created by Doris Moyers-Hornbogen. 

Cedric is a true limited Edition sculpt of 750 kits in vinyl. There may be a silicone edition of him in future. 

Cedric takes 24 mm round flat back eyes. he has full arms and legs andf comes with 5 blank/unpainted vinyl parts, a cloth body, and a numbered COA.

Cedric opens for sales Friday February 9 at 9:00 am EST.