Booth Hybrid Baby SPECIAL EDITION KITS.In stock ready to ship

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 Adorable little Booth is a darling little Hybrid baby. He makes a fantastic little mousling, a little foxling, and many other little hybrid critters. Booth was sculpted by Jamie Lynn Powers. He/she has the cutest little yawn. He measures 14.5 inches long when assembled. 

Booth SPECIAL EDITIONS will come with:

-a 5 piece vinyl kit

-a numbered cloth body

-a special gift especially themed to little Booth

-a special edition numbered COA

Booths special editions will open for sales on November 16. His Special Edition Kits will be back from the factory around the end of November to early December sometime, they will ship out as soon as they are in stock. 

To UK and Australian customers. Special Edition Kits will be shipped to you from within your own country. Please select the discount shipping options that are set up for your country/region in the shipping section.

Booth will come out later with a Limited edition TBD. The remaining Limited Editions of Booths kits are expected to start coming back around the end of January or early February.