Aiylann Blank Vinyl Doll Kit

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Aiylann is a Beautiful sleeping Uniwea Baby. She was sculpted by Dawn McLeod. Aiylann is a twin to Aiello who is awake. Aiello is pronounced (Eye-low) and means "Little Field" Aiylann is pronounced (Eye-L-Ann) and means "Little Flower".

They are both sculpts created to be a species called Uniwea. (pronounced U-Nee-Way) This species can be any color combination and has some feline resemblance in facial features.

Aiello and Aiylann measure 20 inches long when completely assembled. Aiello takes 22mm round flat back eyes. 

They each come with 6 vinyl pieces, including; Head, arms, legs a vinyl torso, a cloth inner body is included as well as a COA. 

It is illegal to copy and reproduce this or any other doll kit without written consent. 

Aiello and Aiylann are copyrighted © 2021 by Enchanted Kreature Kits LLC.

Aiello and Aiylann open for preorders June 1. Kits are expected to be in stock Later August or early September.