A new website and some EKK news!

A new website and some EKK news!

A new website and some EKK news!

Hello to my friends and fellow fantasy enthusiasts. 

Welcome to the new Enchanted Kreature Kits webpage! This site has been in the works for several months. My hope is that it is easier to navigate through for visitors.

After 2 years on my old website and loads of technical difficulties and complaints from customers not able to add products to the cart or check out, I decided to switch to a new website as soon as possible. 

EKK News

This 2020 year has been full of craziness all over the world, here at EKK has been no exception. After MONTHS of having the factory shut down, and a few more months of waiting for my products to be next in line to be produced I am so excited to finally have some progress on kits coming from and going to the factory.  Things aren't back to normal yet, but hopefully, soon they will be. 


Strawberry and Spark


I am excited about the new Strawberry and Spark kits that will be back any time now. They are such darling little kits I know a lot of fantasy lovers will enjoy them when they arrive.


Rhynn went to the factory last August that has been held up because of modifications that needed to take place on her tail to be able to mold her. Rhynn is back as prototypes and is with her artists now! She is an amazing and gorgeous sculpt that I know will bring a lot of joy to the fantasy world.


Holly has been at the factory since last August. I'm not entirely sure what the hold up was. She's an uncomplicated sculpt and should have been back with the Kersmudgeons in November of last year. But when it comes to this sweet little face, it's better late than never.

Many people have asked about when are preorders for Holly and Rhynn. There will be no preorders for Holly or Rhynn, In order to get their kits back in a timely manner, I have already ordered Holly and Rhynn from the factory. They are expected to arrive in later November. The kits will be available to purchase as soon as they arrive at their various dealer's locations. 


Lei Luna and Kiwi

Lei Luna and Kiwi made their debut yesterday. They left for the factory in June. They are currently 1/2 way through the molding process. Pictures of their wax molds were released to me last Friday and they were given permission to carry on with the rest of the mold. 

Lei Luna and Kiwi have been in the works for over a year. They are the first EKK kits to have a fully illustrated storybook written and produced for them. Their prototypes should be back in October, while the first order of their kits are scheduled to be back in early 2021. 


Anna Banana

Anna Banana is a darling little baby monkey sculpted by Yulia Shaver. She went to the factory with Lei Luna and Kiwi. Her prototypes will be back in October and her kits are also scheduled to be back in early 2021. 


I am so excited about the lineup of kits heading to the factory throughout the rest of the year. As they get closer to their completion dates I will give updated accordingly. 

I am new to this blogging stuff but I will do my best to make it a fun experience. 

I hope my readers have found this first blog useful. 

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