Prototype Contest

Prototype Contest

I will be holding a Prototype Contest for a chance to win a Prototype of a future Enchanted Kreature Kit. (We have more Enchanted Kreature sculpts that will be heading off to the factory all the time) Fantasy creatures take a different painting method then a regular human reborn, often times with more vibrant colors, belnding and painting techniques. I would like to find out where the talent lies in the world of painting fantasy and alternative kits/dolls. As there are quite a few future fantasy kits in the works for Enchanted Kreature Kits.


Baby Hugo the little Dragon
Tully & Tolliver the Brownies and their pet snail Shellden
Winsdor and Willow the Woodland Pixies
Sylvan the Fussy Fawn
Raxtus the Human Dragon Hybrid
and more...

Rules for Prototype Contest

Please submit 10 to 15 pictures of Draken in varying views and poses.
I will be judging based off the following critera.
*  Color blending
*  Painting details in face, hands, feet, wings, tail and torso
*  Use and skill of glitter pigment powders, glosses and glazes if used
*  Posing and use of realistic props, backdrops and photo scenes indoor and out
*  Picture quality (both clear and focused pictures and desireable to look at)
* Overall workmanship
Please note: All PROTOTYPES are requested to be made to look ALIVE, not dead, bloody, decomposing or evil. I appreciate that there is a great deal of talent to pull off this look, but if you win a prototype I will be asking for these techniques not to be used in the making of the prototype.

Be sure to get your Draken kit ordered to participate in the Prototype Contest
Deadline to submit pictures is March 31, 2019. Winners will be announced April 15th. 
Please submit your pictures to [email protected]

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