Manor Elf Tobby SPECIAL EDITION KIT. Limited to 177 kits


Sweet little Tobby has been long awaited for. This sweet little guy was sculpted by Cindy Musgrove as a twin brother for little Tinky. Tobby is 16 inches tall. He has sitting legs, and takes 26mm eyes. Tobby has a very sweet pet Puppy named Pickels who was sculpted to come out at the same time as Tobby. Please see her product listings for more info. 

Tobby will come with a SPECIAL EDITION of 177 kits. He was given this Special Edition Size of 177 because 7 is the most magical number and he needed a few 7's in there!

Followed later in 2022 by a timeless edition.

I expect his Special Edition kits will be in stock and ready to purchase in mid to late January 2022. 

Tobby's SPECIAL EDITIONS will come with:

-a 6 piece blank vinyl kit

-a numbered cloth body

-a numbered Special Edition COA

-and a special gift themed especially for Tobby and Includes...

*a Manor Elf style tunic made from vintage linens, and a cuddly stuffed animal pet  

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