Dolly Meet-Up & Workshop Ticket


The Dolly Meet -Up and Workshops 

Ticket Price = $30 per person

Space is limited to the first 60 ticket buyers.

Will start promptly at 8am and ends at 2pm (tear down and clean up starts at 1:45pm.)

Each ticket holder will have a 2.5 x 2.5 table top area to bring their own dolly related project to work on along side fellow dolly friends. This can be a reborn doll, sewing, crochet, beading, etc. Workshop ticket includes lunch.

A convection-oven will be available on site to heat set Genesis Heat set Paints if needed. 

No outside supplies will be available for your reborning needs, please bring what you will need for your project. 

There will be 5 mini workshops spaced on the hour through-out the day at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm. These workshops will last 15-30 minutes. Each participant is welcome to participate in the workshops, or not as they choose. 

Workshops include

  • Rooting awake and asleep eyelashes by Melanie Math
  • Painting eyebrows by Anna Mellman
  • Mottling techniques by Julie Beck
  • Fantasy Color Demo by Sarah Mellman
  • Reborn hairstyling by...


Will be served between 11am and 12:30pm on a informal basis of eat when you're hungry.

Lunch will consist of

  • Cold cut sandwiches
  • cut up fresh fruit
  • fresh veggies and dip
  • a variety of chips
  • drinks (bottled water and a variety of sodas) 
  • and a cookie for your sweet tooth. 

There will be a break between 2-3pm while we decorate for the baby shower and get ready for the evening activities. If you would like to help with this we welcome any helpers we can get to make the transition smooth. If you would like to take a walk through neighboring shops that's ok too.