Vinyl Kits


Introducing Draken, the first vinyl dragon kit. Draken was sculpted by myself (Sarah Mellman). Draken is 21 inches long from head to toe, (longer if you count his tail) He will come with: 
Head, Arms, Legs, Wings, Tail, & Torso. 
All of Drakens parts and pieces connect right to his torso without the need for a cloth body.

Draken measures 15 inches from head to bottom, his wings have a span of 15 inches.

Draken takes 25 mm eyes. You can select from a variety of eye colors and styles on the Enchanted Store link above.

Draken kits should be back from the factory early December.

Bipsey, Beesley & Tinky

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a war fought to free magical creatures from enslavement. After years of effort the war was won and enchanted creatures near and far earned their freedom.
These adorable little creatures are Manor Elves, they were held captive for thousands of years living in everything from grand old mansions and manor homes to tiny city apartments. Their job was to help run the home; cleaning, cooking, & gardening. After the war was won they earned their freedom and are now Free Manor Elves. They still love to clean and cook and help their human families, but no longer are they slaves. If they don't like the families they live with they are free to choose another family to love. 

Bipsey, Beesley and Tinky were lovingly sculpted by the most sweet and talented artist Cindy Musgrove exclusivly to be produced as part of the Enchanted Kreature Kits Collection. Preorders for Bipsey and Beesley, the twins, will run December 9-22nd 2018. Preorders for their big sister Tinky will run December 30-January 12th, 2019 with kits most likely arriving back late February to early March for twins and late March to early April for Tinky. 

Bipsey was sculpted to look like she was newly birthed. She has adorable wrinkly ears that she hasn't quite grown into yet. She has adorable big feet and hands with long fingers. Darling little arms and legs with perfect little wrinkles!

Beesley opend for preorders December 9-22

Bipsey will come as a blank unpainted  5 piece vinyl kit with a cloth body.

She is 12 inches long from head to toe using the body provided. A perfect arm full of love!

Bipsey takes 22mm eyes. 

Beesley, the sleepy twin brother, was also sculpted to look newly birthed. His wrinkly big ears are just as cute as can be. Beesley is so peaceful in his sleep.

Beesley opens for preorders December 9-22nd

Beesley will come as a blank unpainted 5 piece vinyl kit with a cloth body.

​He is 12 inches long from head to toe using the body provided. A perfect cuddly little guy!

Tinky is the toddler sized big sister to Bipsey and Beesley. She is very protective of her newborn siblings, she loves them very much.
Her ears are starting to stand up on their own. Tinky was sculpted to be able to stand. She has the cutest big feet and darling little nobbly knees. Tinky is learning to use her magic, her left hand is in the position to channel her magic to cast a protection spell.
Tinky was sculpted to have an upper torso that fits right over her cloth body allowing her to wear a variety of fantastic clothes while still being cuddly to hold.

Tinky opens for preorders December 30th - January 12

Tinky will come as a blank unpainted kit with 6 vinyl pieces; head, arms, legs, torso and a cloth body.

Tinky is 17 inches tall using the body provided.

Armature that fits inside of her body is available in the enchanted store to help Tinky stand up. 

Tinky takes 26mm eyes (not included)

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Introducing Babette, the darling happy little elephant.
Babette was lovingly sculpted by the very talented artist Melissa McCrory. We are excited to have Babette join our Enchanted Kreature Kit Collection.

Babette will open for preorders January 20- February 2nd.

Babette will come as a 7 piece blank unpainted vinyl doll kit. Including:
her head, arms, legs, tail, tummy plate with a body made just for her.

Babette will be about 21 inches long when assembled in her body. 

Babette takes 22mm eyes (not included)

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Woodland Elf Flynn

Flynn opens for Preorders
November 19, 2018 at 12:00pm EST
December 3, 2018

Flynn will come with a 5 piece blank vinyl doll kit, including head, full arms, full legs and a cloth body.

Flynn takes 18mm eyes, not included

Each Preorder of Flynn from this website will receive a free custom made crochet elf hat made by me, a $15 value ,colors and styles vary.
One lucky order will win a FULL elf clothing ensemble including:
a cloak, a dress, pants/panties, booties, a beautiful tiara and bracelet to accent her ensemble. ($100 value) color and style of my choosing made from fantasy fabric from my stash.
Winner will be drawn live on facebook after preorders close. 

Preorder deposit $30
Full Payment $110

Kits due back between late December and mid January